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Clinical Psychologist

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Some are just for fun

Others will change your life


Go Zen

Glance at the possibilities

Click on what most attracts you


Some just fun.  Others life changers 

Do you nourish or poison?

The emotional atmosphere you create


Wizards of the Mind

Berne's games and Freud's lies

People flowing wild and free

Come join

Fantasy Trips

Free the boundless world of your imagination



Jump out of your cage and run with the tigers

 Tiger 1

Two ways to explore Reality.

You need both.

Tiger 2

Free the Flow

Between your conscious awareness.

and the rest of your mind.

Tiger 3

Give Reality a great big hug.

Careful! It may hug you back.

Do you wrestle with dreams?

Do you contend with shadows?

Do you move in a kind of sleep?

Your life stolen.

You tarried with trifles, Victim of your folly.

Frank Herbert

Come along.  Take a chance.  Wake up.

Not to worry.

You can always go back and be a nice, little tiger in a cage.

The Flower Children of long ago.

Three young girls.

Join the wild display of exuberance and joy.

Or feel the passion and the power

of a young girl with a disability.

Come visit my blog.

A new adventure every Saturday morning.

Your Place of Power

Is your mind open or closed?

Amoral Science - Brainless Religion

Complementay or incompatible?

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