You don’t just read about the concepts and strategies on this website.

They come alive in your life as you experience them. 

Ernest Kinnie, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

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I’m having such creative fun, sharing the most valuable psychological concepts and strategies gathered over a lifetime.  If your judgment, taste, sense of humor, and belief systems are similar to mine you will love them.  If not, explore them anyway and expand what you can think, feel, and become.

Go expoloring. Go Zen.  Quickly glance over the possibilities and grab what grabs you.

Maybe start with one of these.

Do you nourish or poison?

Wizards of the Mind

Flow Wild and Free

Fantasy Trips

Or jump out of your cage and run with a tiger.


 Tiger 1

Two ways to explore Reality.

Tiger 2

Free the Flow

Tiger 3

Give Reality a great big hug.

Careful, it may hug back.

You can always go back to being a nice, little tiger in a cage.

The Flower Children of long ago.

Love well

Live fully

Click Three young girls.

Join the wild display of exuberance and joy.


© 2020 by Ernest Kinnie