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Ernest Kinnie, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

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Go Zen.

Glance at all the possibilities and go with what most attracts you.

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Or start by finding your Place of Power.

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Do you nourish or poison?

The emotional atmosphere you create


Wizards of the Mind

Berne's games and Freud's lies

People flowing wild and free

Come join them

Fantasy Trips

Free your imagination and fly

Jump out of your cage and run with a tiger.


 Tiger 1

Two ways to explore Reality.

You need both.

Tiger 2

Free the Flow

Between your conscious awareness

and the rest of your mind.

Tiger 3

Give Reality a great big hug.

Careful, it may hug back.

You can always go back and be a nice, little tiger in a cage.

The Flower Children of long ago.

Click Three young girls.

Join the wild display of exuberance and joy.

The passion and the power

of a young girl with a dissability.




Walk around your home and find your Place of Power---where you feel most alive and aware.  Where you can most easily think and dream.  Be Open and Receptive as you search for your Place of Power. Take your time---Open and Receptive.


Go to your Place of Power whenever you want to relax and think, dream and create.  The more you use your special space the more powerful it becomes---a combination of the placebo effect and Pavlov’s classical conditioning.


Playing with the many adventures on this website is best experienced when you are in your Place of Power.



Once you have your Place of Power well established you can bring it with you wherever you go.


If your favorite modality is auditory, hear My Place of Power in your mind and say the words out loud a few times when in your Place of Power.  That will create a strong association.


If your favorite modality is visual, see the words My Place of Power in your mind and print them on a card.  See the words in your mind as you flash the card when in your Place of Power.  Repeat a number of times to form a strong association.


If your favorite modality is kinesthetic, choose a hand signal to associate with your Place of Power---like squeezing a thumb and two fingers together.  Repeat the squeeze a number of time when in your Place of Power to create the association.


Now to evoke your Place of Power just repeat the words or hand signal a few times.  The shift happens automatically.  Whenever you go to your Place of Power set aside a few moments to reinforce the association to keep it strong.


What do you think would happen if you associated your Place of Power in all three modalities, and then fired them off all at once?


© 2020 by Ernest Kinnie