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Come sit on a bench with me


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Ernest Kinnie, PhD

Clinical Psychologist


Over the years I’ve found many useful psychological concepts and strategies that increase love, joy, creativity, and adventure.  My books and website give you the most powerful.


You become one of the creative and adventurous of your generation.  Able to bring fresh emotions, thoughts, and actions into the world of humankind.


And have a whole lot more fun.

I've lived a long, full life and had a hell of a good time. Been a professor, psychotherapist, National Park Ranger, soldier, garbage collector, and antique dealer. My proudest accomplishment---at least the most fun---was writing the first fishing guide to Glacier National Park.

A new adventure every Sunday Morning

The Adventure this week is:


You're an open book


Use the Mirror Trick.  Look at your face in the mirror.  Say an emotion word out loud like anger or joy a few times and pay close attention to changes in your face, the sound of your voice, body sensations and feelings.  Allow the flow as you repeat the word.  Open and Receptive.


Pictures or other words may flash in your head or perhaps a heavy pleasant or unpleasant feeling in your stomach.  Your face may slightly change color, eyes open more or less, etc.


Don’t try to do anything---the shift happens by itself as you flow with the word.  When you try, you focus on creating the emotion.  When you allow, you become Open and Receptive---the pictures, words, body changes and feelings freely flow into your awareness.

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Do you nourish or poison?

Flow Wild and Free

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Maybe go run with the Tigers.


Are you a Tiger in a cage? Warm and well fed?

Do you ever dream of running Wild and Free?

Do you dare?


Break out and run with the Tigers.  Use Words-Data-Logic to analyze your life. Open & Receptive to experience it. Wild & Free to be spontaneous and creative.


Powerful and fundamental changes in your life.

Not for everyone.

Here are some of the Tigers.  Go get Tigers for your Mind for the rest.

Tiger 1---come sit on a park bench with me

Tiger 2---Wild & Free

Tiger 3---give Reality a great big hug

Love well

Live fully

Wild & Free