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Ernest Kinnie, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

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You don’t just read about them.

You experience the concepts and strategies.

Bring more creativity and adventure into your life. The psychological concepts and strategies on this website give you many ways to do that. I’m grateful to the many students who helped find them. Here is one of our favorites.


Prime the Pump

Your mind is constantly processing, organizing, evaluating, etc. etc.  Use this massive brain power to problem solve and increase creativity and adventure in your life.


For instance, when faced with a problem that you have trouble solving---incubate.   Fill your brain with everything you can about the problem.  Maybe jot down a few possible solutions.


Then completely stop thinking about the problem.  Maybe for a few hours.  Maybe over night.  Maybe a whole day.  Go dancing, shopping, hiking, fornicate up a storm.  Whatever.  Let your brain do the work.


At the end of the incubation period be Open & Receptive.  The solution will pop into your conscious awareness.  Yes, that easy.  And a warm, very satisfying feeling of creativity comes along with the solution.  One of the happy highs of life.


The Germans have an old saying:

Your learn to ice skate in the summer.

Swim in the winter.

Come explore.  

Maybe start with  one of these.

Do you nourish or poison?

Wizards of the Mind

Flow Wild and Free

Fantasy Trips

Or run with a tiger.

If you are content being a tiger in a cage, no problem.  If you dream of running wild and free, this is your chance.  If you dare.


Tiger 1

Two ways to explore Reality.

Tiger 2

Wild & Free.

Open & Receptive.

Tiger 3

Give Reality a great big hug.

Careful, it may hug back.

You can always go back to being a nice, little tiger in a cage.


The Flower Children of long ago.

Love well

Live fully

Strong and free


Click Three young girls.

Join the wild display of exuberance and joy.

Open & Receptive.


I suggest you start with Tiger 1.  Go to a place where you can watch people walk by.  Explore the two ways to experience them---two ways to experience this website---two ways to experience your life.  Science primarily uses one.  Art and religion the other.

They are the two primary ways humans filter Reality. Your experience of Reality shifts as you change filters.  Make sure you use both.

Or, go Zen.  Glance quickly at all of the many options on this page and click the one that most attracts you.

© 2020 by Ernest Kinnie