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Become a Meta-Master


1.  Meta-Jumping

2.  Two ways to explore Reality

3.  The House of Golden Lanterns



Meta-Jumping is one of the most powerful ways to explore and expand your life.  It is also one of the most powerful and important drivers of creativity.


When you Meta-Jump, you are no longer the captive of your thoughts or actions.  You deliberately jump away from them and evaluate what you were thinking or doing.  You shift perspectives.  Re-frame.  Stop for a moment of reflection.  Open your awareness to new ways of exploring and understanding Reality.


Not everyone can Meta-Jump.  Pay close attention and you will notice that those who can are much more creative, alive, and fun.  Come join.

Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity, opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment.  Most people are not even capable of forming such opinions.

Albert Einstein


Instead of black and white absolutes, go probabilities.  Do not hold any belief or assumption too tightly.


Assign probabilities to all sides.

That forces you to seriously consider alternative points of view and reduces blinding effects.  Confirmation bias is the most powerful.  You only pay attention to information that supports your position.


John Stuart Mill gave excellent reasons for being open minded:

a. Your point of view may be wrong.  To believe otherwise is to assume you are infallible.

b. Your opinion almost certainly does not contain the whole truth, and alternative points of view may have valid elements.  If you have the honesty and self-confidence to recognize them, understanding increases, and the presentation of your point of view more powerful.

c. Even if the other point of view is completely wrong it is important to listen carefully and present your position vigorously and honestly.  Otherwise your point of view will lose its vitality and freshness and become dead dogma, mere rhetoric.


Meta-Jumping is useful in many situations.  Do you have a warm heart for philosophical puzzles like, "Is there a sound in the forest when the pinecone hits the ground and no one is around?"


Shift from trying to answer the question, to questioning the questioner.  Ask her to define "sound".  If vibrations in the air, there is a sound.  If human awareness, no sound.


Philosophical puzzles usually depend upon the ambiguity of language.


Remove the ambiguity.  No more puzzle.


Suppose you and your husband are arguing and it's not going well.  One of you call out "Let's  Meta-Jump".  That's the agreed signal to close your eyes for 15 seconds and think about how and why the argument went wrong.  Then either discuss what went wrong, or just start the discussion over again with the expectation of a better outcome.


Maybe you’re having trouble keeping girlfriends.  They seem interested for a while and then dump you.


You notice they all dump you right after you start to get a little sloppy in your dress and hygiene.  You test it out and sure enough the next girlfriend sticks.


Watch and listen to Jordan Peterson Meta-Jump Cathy Newman:


He shifts from answering Cathy’s question to pointing out her hypocrisy in asking it.  The jump leaves her speechless.  She deserves a lot of credit for how she reacted.  She acknowledged he got her, did not become angry or defensive, and moved on.  Very impressive.


A few minutes ago I watched a TV interviewer Meta-Jump David, a politician.  David asserted that an enemy politician, Bob, was guilty of many crimes.  The interviewer could have kept at the same level and countered that Bob denied any wrongdoing.  Instead she jumped, shifting from the general to the specific, and asked Donald to name a law Bob had broken.  He could not.


Politicians Meta-Jump in the opposite direction all the time, from the specific to the general.  For instance, grab a single comment that could be considered racist and smear the hell out of the poor guy.  A very common propaganda tactic.


During the next week watch for Meta-Jumps and deliberately practice jumping, when doing so is not going to get you into trouble.  People often get upset when jumped, like David who couldn’t name a law that had been broken.  Not Cathy.  I suspect she is a great Meta-Jumper.  Jordan Peterson certainly is, and accounts for much of the reason for his popularity. The jump is at the heart of his creativity.


Come join the Meta-Masters.  We are creative and adventurous, and have a whole lot more fun.





You are sitting on a park bench on a warm sunny day.  People are walking by.



Observe and analyze

Meta-Jump and objectively watch the people go by.  Use your five senses and Words-Data-Logic.  Notice the quality and color of their clothing—estimate class, taste, etc.  Observe skin, movement, hair color, clothing---estimate age.  Observe body configuration, hair style, clothing---decide if male or female (a little harder then it used to be).  And so on.


Open and Receptive.

Allow the free flow of feelings and imagination

into your conscious awareness.

Meta-Jump and subjectively experience people going by, Open and Receptive.  Don’t try to do anything.  Just wait for the feelings and images to flow from people as they pass.  I usually get a kind of feeling tone flowing from most of the people.  And pictures and images.  Sometimes a sense of what they are feeling and thinking, as if I become them for a brief moment.  Go with the flow.  Whoever.  Whatever.  However.


Much creative work is done when you are Open and Receptive, like when you play the piano, paint a rose, or formulate a new theory.  Best go Words-Data-Logic when you evaluate your piano playing, painting, and theory.  The quality of my piano playing changes dramatically.  Open and Receptive is much more creative and satisfying.  I use Words-Data-logic when I am just learning a piece.


During the next week play around with Meta-Jumping back and forth between them when it isn’t going to get you into trouble.  Notice how your experiences change when you kiss your boy friend, watch a movie, listen to music, draw a picture, talk to a friend.


Most of the time there is a blend of the two ways of experiencing Reality.  Play around with the contrast, and also find the best balance for different situations.


Be sure and strongly Meta-Jump to Words-Data-Logic when you need to attend to the world around you.  Like when you drive a car.  Yes, yes, so obvious, but with so many eager, hungry lawyers around I'm not taking any chances.


You’ll soon be visiting The House of the Golden Lanterns.  Meta-Jump to Open and Receptive.





Without this playing with fantasy

no creative work has ever yet come to birth.

The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.

Carl Jung

If in a group take turns reading the script.  You'll soon become familiar with the best cadence and pacing.


If alone Meta-Jump.  Read the script Open and Receptive.  There is creative reading as well as creative writing.  Or, read all the way through the script and then close your eyes and start your adventure, Open and Receptive.


You may want to use a candle in a darkened room.  Some people become more Open and Receptive.


Visit more than once.  Perhaps you would like peaceful moments alone, sitting by the lily pond.  Or visits with family, friends, and interesting strangers.  Enjoy the delicious, nutritious cookies and refreshing tea.


Start here if you use a candle.


This is a special candle.

A very special candle.


Watch the fire.


Watch the flickering fire of the flame.



Open and Receptive.


Take a deep breath.

Hold it.


As you let your breath slowly flow out,

feel your body and your mind become peaceful and relaxed.


More and more peaceful.

More and more relaxed.


Take another deep breath.

Hold it.


Let your breath slowly flow out.

Feel your body and your mind become more and more peaceful, more and more relaxed.



More and more Peaceful.

More and more relaxed.



Listen to the sound of a bird.



Look at a beautiful flower.



Eat your favorite desert.



Feel the rough bark of a tree.




You are standing in front of a bright red gate.

There are golden letters across the top.




You walk through the gate onto a pebble path, into a Japanese garden.


Past Pine and Cedar,


Bushes and flowers.


On a pebble path

past a small waterfall

sounds of splashing water.


Small squirrels run back and forth.


Birds fly through the air.



To a tea house on a lily pond.

Golden lanterns hang from the eves.

Slowly swinging back and forth in the gentle breeze.


So beautiful.


A young girl greets you.

“We welcome you to The House of Golden Lanterns."


She takes you to a table overlooking the lily pond.

Bows and leaves as you sit down.


Ducks swim among the water lilies.


Birds fly back and forth across the pond.



The young girl returns bringing tea and cookies.

“The tea and cookies are very special and will deeply rejuvenate your mind and deeply rejuvenate your body.”


You eat the nourishing cookies and drink the refreshing tea.


She will bring more whenever you like.


Ducks swim by.  Birds skim the water for bugs.


So peaceful and beautiful.



Perhaps a friend or an interesting stranger will come and join you.

Perhaps a member of your family.

Or perhaps you prefer a quiet time alone, sitting by the lily pond.





It is almost time to come back.

Back to the here and now.


It is time.   Open your eyes.  Come back to the here and now.  Back to full awareness of your body and the physical world all around you.


Stand up and walk around.  Make sure you are solidly back to the here and now.


If in a group, share.  Maybe Meta-Jump back and forth between emphasizing your experience and analyzing what you found using Words-Data-Logic.


If alone you might want to write down your experience.  Then maybe include an analysis using Words-Data-Logic.









It seemed that the fantasy adventure was the best ones I’ve done so far.  I was really psyched out for it this time and had no difficulty drifting away.  If my mother could see this, she would think of it as trash and not at all as a learning experience.  My best friend seems interested and I’m going to spend some time with her going through some of these experiences.  I think that these kinds of exercises would tend to make many people feel uncomfortable because of a wide range of inhibitions that they have.



Fun.  Words-data-logic working good to bring me back to the world everybody thinks is real.

Go play with Tiger 2.