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Soiled Doves

The way it really was

Janis Hoffman

Mary was raised in a whorehouse by a Blackfoot spirit woman.  Didn’t want that kind of life, so jumped on a wagon train when but 15.  Ride with her into the wild west of long ago.


She describes the way it really was in the gold fields of the Sierras and among the soiled doves of Hangtown and San Francisco.  Not the sugar coated fairy tales of story book and Hollywood.

ALICE come along

super-smart, streetwise, foulmouthed brat

Janis Hoffman

My story is not for the delicate and refined.  If you are a sweet, little snowflake, go suck a lollipop.  My story would explode your prissy brain.  If your wild hasn’t been squeezed or beaten out of you, come along and jump into the Shadow World of ancient Egypt with me.

My mother left me when I was 4.  Left me sobbing and screaming on the sidewalk as she drove away.  My father died right before I was born.  Not very nice of him but he left me a pile of money and a cute little cottage on Big Sur.  Better than nothing.


Children’s Garden may be her last chance

Jacqueline Kelley, MS MA

School Psychologist

Written very well. I like that it was told by both the social worker and the child.

Rene Peterson


Absolutely loved this story. Great to see some good in this world come from the foster care system. Good can come from trauma.

Kindle Customer



Yes, there really and truly was a wonderful place called Children’s Garden, in Marin County, California.  A special place where broken children were mended.


This is the story of Nutmeg. Taken from her schizophrenic mother when very young.  She has failed many foster homes.  She tried her best to fail Children’s Garden as well.  Soon after she arrived, she fried a goldfish on the radiator.


Ernest Kinnie, PhD

Clinical Psychologist


Some are just for fun.

Others will change your life.

I’m having such creative fun.  Sharing the most valuable psychological concepts and strategies gathered over a lifetime.  Don’t settle for superficial knowledge by just reading about them.  Come along with me on the many adventures and experience them.


If your judgment, taste, sense of humor, and belief systems are similar to mine you will love them.  If not, explore the adventures anyway and expand what you can think, feel, and become.

 I wish you well.

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.

Isaac Asimov 


Words, words, words! They shut one off from the universe. Three quarters of the time one's never in contact with things, only with the beastly words that stand for them.

Aldous Huxley


Nothing wrong with assumptions and words.  You wouldn’t survive in the "real" world without them.  But a heavily filtered reality is rigid, lifeless, and boring.  No creativity.  No fun.


Let Eric and Fritz scrub your windows.  Let in creativity and joy.  But don’t settle for superficial.  That’s all you get when you just read about their concepts and strategies.  Come adventuring with me and experience them.


Old Friends

There is no need or expectation for you to do all of the adventures. There are far, far too many.  Glance at the possibilities.  Be open and receptive.  You will be attracted to the ones most needed at this moment in your life.


Which adventures you choose will change as the needs and challenges of your life change.  And the kind of fun and learning experiences you gain from each adventure will also change as you grow in sensitivity, knowledge and wisdom.  The adventures become old friends.

Be sure and find your Place of Power.  A great place to meet your friends.


And carefully read How to guarantee a wonderful life.

Yes!  Yes!

Only 5 simple rules.



The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it---basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.

Charles Bukowski


Free the Flow.   People see and hear and feel the difference.  You flash spirit and vitality when you walk into a room or onto the stage.  You give people emotional oxygen.


You don’t just read about how to Free the Flow.  Waste of time.  Come along with me and directly experience Freeing the Flow.  Out into the world.  Within yourself.  A major change in your life.


Advertisers and politicians throw tons of crap at you day and night. Throw the crap right back in their faces.  Hard!  Have a little fun.  Become a great crap-shooter.


Skinner and Pavlov also provide ways to increase creativity and joy in your life.  Don’t settle for superficial.  That’s all you get when you just read about Skinner and Pavlov’s concepts and strategies.  Come adventuring with me and experience them.  All true knowledge is gained from direct experience.  That is what fills your life with creativity and joy.


Some of the adventures are just for fun.  Others will change your life.


Sometimes you need a break from Skinner and Pavlov’s world of data and logic.  Go on a few wild adventures with me.  They are as far from the world of Skinner and Pavlov as I could get.  If you are a material fundamentalist, probably best pass on by.  Would jiggle your brain.


In the first chapter watch politicians and merchants stuff your brain.  To their horror you’ll learn how they do it and are no longer one of their easy suckers.


Are you a fundamentalist?  Quite sure that science and religion are incompatible?  No problem.   Much good work has been done over the ages by people committed to one or the other world view.  That certainty concentrates mind and energy.


Others believe that science and religion are complementary.  They have also done much good work over the centuries.  Come explore both sides.


Just for fun take a break and sit on a park bench with me.  Switch back and forth between a hard-headed scientist and wild-eyed mystic.  You don’t have a hard-headed scientist or wild-eyed mystic?  No problem.  Fake it!  Then combine them like Einstein and become a genius.


Be sure and give Reality a great big hug.  Careful!  It may hug back.



COME TO THE DARKSIDE---we have cookies

A huge book of quotations, gathered over a lifetime.  Easily harvest the wisdom and knowledge that others have labored hard for.  I’ve added a few funny fillers to give your brain a rest.


If your judgment, taste, sense of humor, and belief systems are similar to mine you will love the quotations.  If not, explore them anyway.  Expand what you can think, feel, and become.



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