Janis Hoffman

I found Mary’s handwritten story in an old trunk I bought at an auction in Walton, NY.


Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I love history and to read it in the first person and in the words of a woman who had "grit" and enjoyed life and adventure was very entertaining.

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I liked the humor…Indians and whorehouses and the characters were developed to make the story fun. Also loved the old pictures. A fun story and fast read.




Sara’s story is based on many old records, principally the diary of Mary Faraday.  There are many more old photographs to illustrate her story and many changes to increase readability and enjoyment.  And I added a path.  A path into the vastness.



The first book of the Alice Trilogy

Janis Hoffman

I have such fun playing around with taboos, political correctness and big, fat bullies.  I conned my way into UC Berkeley and easily run circles around the intelligentsia of that fine institution.  Come along if you have any wild left.


PART 1.  The Shadow World---of ancient Egypt

PART 2.  Huckleberry ice cream---and the shaman’s rattle

PART 3.  The smelly village on the bluff---the Krazy Kid

PART 4.  Neuropsychology---and Dr. Mary Barteau

PART 5.  St. Francis and the Devil---fire and brimstone

PART 6.  Sex in the Shadow World---yes, click bait



Jacqueline Kelley, MS MA

Taken from her schizophrenic mother when very young.  Has failed many foster homes.  Fried the pet goldfish on the radiator soon as she arrived at Children’s Garden.  Expected to be thrown out.  Nope!


Yes, there really and truly was a special place.  A wonderful place called Children’s Garden, in Marin County, California.  Broken children came to be mended.  This is the story of Nutmeg.


Absolutely loved this story. Great to see some good in this world come from the foster care system. Good can come from trauma.

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Ernest Kinnie, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

The rest of the books are all mine.

 Click titles and explore.

 I’m having such creative fun.  Sharing the most valuable psychological concepts and strategies gathered over a lifetime.  If your judgment, taste, sense of humor, and belief systems are similar to mine you will love the adventures.  If not, explore them anyway and expand what you can think, feel, and become.

Don’t settle for superficial knowledge.  That is all you get when you just read about psychological concepts and strategies.  Come along with me and experience them.  All true knowledge is gained from direct experience.  Explore who you are.  Expand what you can think, feel, become.  Fill your life with joyous creativity and adventure.



Some are just for fun.

Others will change your life.

Go on a few adventures.  Then free the flow and play around with your head-headed scientist and wild-eyed mystic.  Return to the adventures and notice the difference in your freedom and creativity.


A.  Adventures---expand what you can think, feel, become

B.  Free your thoughts, feelings, impulses

C.  Your hard-headed scientist and wild-eyed mystic



Mother Nature stuffs your brain

I’ve had my share of women, and they have given me the most marvelous moments of my life.  But I never chose to be attracted to human females, and make them one of the centers of my life---that was hard wired in the womb.  As were all of the other major sources of pleasure and pain in my life.


I chose none of them!

Yes, I’ve been had, but what a ride!

What a wonderful ride!


Politicians, interest groups, and advertisers also stuff your brain.  You can’t do much about Mother Nature but you can do plenty about them.  To their horror you’ll learn how they do it and will no longer be one of their useful idiots.



Such fun moving back and forth among the five wizards of your mind.  Explore and try out new ways to think, feel and become.


Every psychological, political, economic, and philosophical theory has strengths and weaknesses.  That realization lets you find and use the best each wizard has to offer.  It frees you from the blinding boxes of black and white thinking.  Greatly increasing freedom and adventure in your life.


You become one of the creators of your generation.  Able to bring new thoughts, emotions and actions into your life and into the world of humankind.


In the last chapter, blow all your boxes and go wild and free.



Sure you’re all grown up.  Done a good job of it and proved it by having the good sense to be reading this.  And you can have a good life playing Adult---thinking, feeling and acting correctly as a good Adult should.


But don’t overdo it.  You lose more and more of the freedom and magic of being a Krazy Kid---lose more and more opportunities for love, joy, creativity, and adventure.


Margaret Mead found a way around that horror.

I was wise enough to never grow up

while fooling most people into believing I had.


Come along if you have any wild left.



Come explore whether science and religion are complementary or incompatible.  And have a little fun playing with your hard-headed scientist and your wild-eyed mystic.  Don’t have one?  No problem.  Fake it!  Have a little fantasy fun.  Ride upon the wind and dance like a flame across the mountainside.


Be sure and give Reality a great big hug.  Careful!  It may hug back.


May you have a life of love and joy.

Discovery and wonder.