Updated: Nov 8, 2020

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Powerful psychological concepts and strategies. You don't just read about them. They come alive in your life as you experience them.


You're an open book


Look at your face in the mirror. Say an emotion word out loud like anger or joy a few times and pay close attention to changes in your face, the sound of your voice, body sensations and feelings. Allow the flow as you repeat the word.

Open and Receptive.

Pictures or other words may flash in your head or perhaps a heavy pleasant or unpleasant feeling in your stomach. Your face may slightly change color, eyes open more or less, head forward, back, or to the side. Watch carefully.

Don’t try to do anything---the shift happens by itself as you flow with the word. When you try, you focus on creating the emotion. When you allow, you become Open and Receptive pictures, words, body changes and feelings freely flow into your awareness.

Try a few other emotion words and end with a positive.


Your friends and enemies are well aware of shifts in your facial expression, posture, the sound of your voice, etc, and what they mean. It’s best you become as aware yourself.

If you are a poker player you need to control your Tells. Look in the mirror and imagine you have a very good hand. Then imagine you have a very bad hand. Then switch to auditory. Imagine you have a very good hand and call out "I raise you 10". Now imagine you have a very bad hand and call out "I raise you 10".

Have fun in your next poker game. If you have no couth, and your opponents are good players, set them up by giving off accurate tells a few times. Then when you have a really good hand---give off a few bad tells. Or, if you have a bad hand---give off a bunch of good tells and bluff.

Obviously this uncouth behavior is not at all recommended. Purely used for illustrative purposes. Have to admit though that the ability to control Tells is mighty useful for politicians, poker players and con artists.



Weird. Weird. When I looked in the mirror and acted as if I was in one pack, and then that I was in the other, my face changed. Am I a different person in each pack? And what and who am I? I guess that is the adventure I’m on. To find out. Yeah. I hope other Adventures help that out.


The poor little me looks so weak and pathetic. And the wild one looks a little too wild. The blend of the two looks just right. At least for now.

I don't play poker but my wild one is going to have a little fun with some of my friends.

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