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Flow with yourself

When you flow with others you focus on their thoughts and feelings.  You facilitate their flow by wanting to know more---conveyed by what you say, your voice tone, facial expression, etc.  You validate them and give them emotional oxygen.


When you flow with yourself you focus on your own thoughts and feelings. You are eager to share, and interrupt their flow when you have something more important to say.


If you are about to interrupt or change the subject STOP.


Listen more carefully to what the other person is saying.  Ask yourself why you are so eager to interrupt their flow.  The more urgent your need to interrupt, the more urgent your need to Meta-Jump---to stop and reflect.


Let the first impulse pass,

wait for the second.

Baltasar Gracian



Listen with the intent to understand,

not the intent to reply.

Stephen Covey


During the next week deliberately interrupt or not interrupt the flow of others.  Notice the change in how people react to you, and how you react to them when they interrupt or don't interrupt your flow.


Nothing wrong with flowing or not flowing with yourself and others, but it's more fun and productive when you find a good balance.  When you Meta-Jump, you gain a clearer awareness of the flow---you can then dance so much more gracefully.


You'll find that when you flow with others, they are much more likely to flow with you---sharing the joy of creation.









Great girl getter.  Sure easy to make friends, but when do I get mine?



Just what I need to better do people.  So easy to manipulate.  Ok a little guilt, but better than being manipulated.  Really starting to be a Wild Woman.


If you are perceptive and courageous

go see if you Nourish or Poison.

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